Success Stories



Kelsey Chapman

The Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP) is designed to help youth ages 14-24 gain valuable work experience that leads to full-time employment. Kelsey Chapman, a 2017 Piketon High School and Pike County CTC graduate, took part in the CCMEP Work Experience Program and was placed at the Pike County Office of Community and Economic Development in Waverly.  Kelsey states that the CCMEP program is amazing, and the staff was willing to assist her when needed. For example, Kelsey informed the staff that she was attending a conference in Columbus for additional training and she was in need of business attire.  The program was able to provide her with a professional look for the training.. Kelsey feels that she benefited from the program as she is now employed full-time at Pike County Office of Community and Economic Development as an Administrative Assistant. Kelsey stated that the emotional support and their encouragement gave her the confidence that she needed to gain this employment opportunity.  She feels that without CCMEP she would not have been offered her current position.  Congratulations, Kelsey!!!