Success Stories


Kim Overly, Transitions Program Client Since August 2019

 Kim Overly has over three years (off and on) in recovery. Kim has been working with Brandi Hawthorne through the Transitions Work program for over a year building on her education as her previous employment experience was never truly what she wanted to do. Kim is working on her high-school equivalency and Chemical Dependency Counseling Assistant (CDCA) so she can work in the field of recovery. Over the past year, the Transitions Program has helped her get her driver’s license, pay her utility bills, and pay to have maintenance completed on her car.

Kim currently participates in the work experience program for second chance employment which assists her in building and finding a healthy balance in her life. The Transition Staff are a big part of Kim’s sober support and are available when she needs them most. They sit in on the drug court treatment team and report the participants’ progress and accomplishments. Kim is thrilled she graduated from drug court on August 31st. Kim states, “I couldn’t ask for a better program to be a part of. They are kind and willing to help in every way they can. Most of all, they are understanding in all situations that may arise.”

In August 2020, Kim represented Workforce & Business Transitions Program when the Department of Labor Secretary, Eugene Scalia, visited Pike County to award funding to help support the Opioid Epidemic efforts.



Tamara was 24 years old when she enrolled in the Workforce & Business Development’s Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Program (CCMEP) in August, 2019. She had been working with Pike County Department Job and Family Services and was ready to begin her path to gainful employment. With the help of the CCMEP staff, Tamera was able to set many goals for herself including obtaining her GED, choosing a career path, and securing independent housing for herself and her young son.

Tamera was not only determined, she was also very dedicated. She enrolled in the Adult Diploma Program through Aspire and attended daily study sessions for the Work Keys exam. After successfully passing the Work Keys exam, she was eligible to begin the State Tested Nurse Assistant Program (STNA) while also continuing to work towards her Adult Diploma. Despite experiencing many obstacles along the way, Tamara completed the Adult Diploma Program and her STNA in January of this year. Tamara reached yet another of her goals just two months later when she successfully passed her STNA certification test.

Tamara has been the first CCMEP participant to complete the Adult Diploma Program successfully. She is now employed at CareCore in Westmoreland as an STNA. Recently, Tamara reached another significant goal when she and her son moved into their own apartment. She has accomplished so much while enrolled in the CCMEP program and we could not be more proud of her accomplishments.

W & B Assists Tasty Days of Old with a Small Business Loan

Tasty Days of Old (TDO) held their grand opening on Thursday, July 2nd 2020 in Jackson, Ohio. TDO provides a unique retail experience that can only be found at Tasty Days of Old. By offering candy and toy purchases within a Victorian-styled structure organized by decades of introduction, customers can feel as though they have traveled back through time to learn and experience how people in the past enjoyed delicious treats and how they spent their leisure time. Candy is available from ancient times through contemporary era. Additionally, TDO offers a large variety of imported candies from various countries and one of the largest selections of sugar free candies in Ohio.

In February, 2020, owners, Justin and Holly sought the assistance of the Workforce & Business Development Program for a small business loan to help them with the start-up inventory for the store. From that time, they met with Chris Smalley of the OSU Small Business Development Centers and Lisa Pfeifer of the Workforce & Business Development Program at the Community Action Committee of Pike County, who provided technical assistance that helped them with their business plan model and cash flow projections.   As a result, Justin and Holly were able to secure a small business loan to purchase the inventory they needed.

The couple has never outgrown the thrill they feel as they enter a candy or toy store. They enjoyed it as children and now they get to enjoy it as parents and share their childhood memories with their kids. According to Holly, “Living in Jackson, Ohio, a quintessential small town, it only made sense to open up a shop like this. Part of the charm of a small town is having such businesses to visit.” With Holly’s background as a historian, having the opportunity to share the history of candy through their business is a joy as well. TDO seeks to promote the development of the downtown Jackson area to aid in the improvement of the local community and support small business development.

Tasty Days of Old is located at 235 Broadway Street in Jackson and is open Wednesday – Friday from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm, Saturdays 10 am – 8:00 pm, and Sundays 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Visit their website at: or find them on Facebook:

Whit’s Frozen Custard Portsmouth Receives Business Loan

Whit’s Frozen Custard opened its doors at 631 East 2nd Street in Portsmouth on Saturday, August 15, 2020! This franchise location is owned and operated by Matt and Aleis Conley of Wheelersburg. Offering frozen custard in vanilla, chocolate, and a special weekly flavor, you can’t go wrong with this delicious treat, in addition to their other food options such as footers, sandwiches, and walking tacos.

In November, 2019, owners, Matt and Aleis Conley were referred to the Workforce & Business Development Program for a small business loan to help them with the start-up equipment and inventory for the frozen custard shop. From that time, they worked with Lisa Pfeifer of the Workforce & Business Development Program at the Community Action Committee of Pike County, who provided technical assistance that helped them with their loan application package. As a result, Matt and Aleis were able to secure a small business loan to purchase the equipment and inventory they needed.

The couple has a passion for frozen custard which really took off at the local county fair a couple of years ago where in the past they literally camped out due to their level of commitment to 4-H. Matt & Aleis have four (4) young children. They love the product, the process, and they wanted to provide their family and community a more localized opportunity. “We hope everyone in the community loves frozen custard as much as us,” says Matt. “Our mentality is Peace, Love, and Whit’s.”

Whit’s Frozen Custard is located at 631 East 2nd Street in Portsmouth and will be open Sunday – Thursday from 11 am – 9 pm and Friday and Saturday     11 am – 10 pm. Find them on Facebook.



Madyson was 19 years old when she voluntarily enrolled in the Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP) on January 23, 2019. She was employed with Adena Regional Medical Center as a Nurse Assistant but eagerly wanted to further her education to pursue a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Through her enrollment in the CCMEP and Adult Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program, Madyson received the necessary financial assistance to attend the Scioto County Vocational School LPN program. While maintaining a GPA of 3.7, Madyson successfully completed the Licensed Practical Nursing program on February 13, 2020 and skillfully passed her Board Examination on March 4, 2020. While completing the LPN program, she and her fiancé married in January, 2020. Quickly after passing her Board Exam, Madyson secured full-time employment with Southern Ohio Medical Center as an LPN and is utilizing her skills in the COVID-19 Call Center. Everyone in Workforce & Business Development would like to congratulate Madyson on her current and future successes.

Superior Sanitation of Southern Ohio Receives Assistance for Business Expansion

Superior Sanitation of Southern Ohio is a small company owned and operated by Noah and Angeleah Hill. It was created as a dba to Service Central, LLC and provides a rental and cleaning service of portable toilets placed at commercial and private properties. They also conduct septic and tank cleaning for homes, businesses, and RV’s.

In November, 2019, Noah and Angeleah sought the assistance of the Workforce & Business Development Program for a small business loan to assist with the purchase of a pumper truck and the purchase of new portable toilets. During that time, they met with Chris Smalley of the OSU Small Business Development Centers and Lisa Pfeifer of the Workforce & Business Development Program at the Community Action Committee of Pike County, who provided technical assistance that helped them with their business plan model and cash flow projections.   As a result, they were able to secure a small business loan to purchase the equipment they needed.

Superior Sanitation of Southern Ohio is a family-owned business and their mission is to provide essential restroom service to job sites, construction projects, and outdoor events in the form of safe, clean, sanitary portable toilets. They value customer satisfaction and already serve many loyal, satisfied customers in the Jackson County area. In addition, they now serve Vinton and Gallia counties. They hope to continue growing and expanding into additional counties in Southern Ohio over the next five years.

Superior Sanitation of Southern Ohio currently serves the Jackson, Vinton, and Gallia Counties. Call Angeleah for your sanitation needs at your next event or job site at 740-395-6831.

OhioMeansJobs Pike County
Success Story: Charles A.

Our OhioMeansJobs Center is often utilized to help those filing for unemployment benefits. Charles A. is a patron who came into our center seeking such help. He realized that we were not only able to point him in the right direction for his unemployment, but we could 0also help him seek out new job opportunities as well. Charles holds a Bachelor’s Degree; and even more impressive, he is a decorated Veteran of our Armed Forces. He became a regular in the OMJ utilizing the computers and looking through the Job Leads book in search of a position that would give him financial stability and allow him to showcase the skills that he had already worked so hard to obtain. After several searches, our staff encouraged him to not give up hope and sent referrals to multiple partners who were also able to offer services. Not long after revitalizing his resume and touching up his interview skills, Charles landed a position at National Church
Residences in the maintenance department. He is a
perfect example of how hard work, determination and a little boost from the resources at OhioMeansJobs Pike County can lead to success.



At age twenty, Hannah knew she wanted to become a Surgical Technician but was not sure how to reach this goal. After enrolling in the Youth Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Program (CCMEP), our staff worked closely with Hannah to begin eliminating barriers to her career goals. She quickly obtained her driver’s license; and with the financial support of the WIOA program, she was able to enroll in the Surgical Technology Program at the Scioto County CTC. Throughout the twelve-month program, she maintained no less than a 3.7 GPA while also working part-time at a local animal clinic. Hannah completed 150 clock hours of clinical training at two major medical facilities and graduated with a full certification on December 10th 2019. Upon completion of the Surgical Technology Program, Hannah was offered a Surgical Technologist position with Cullman Regional Medical Center in Cullman, Alabama with a starting salary of more than double her previous hourly rate. Hannah has since relocated to Alabama and states that she enjoys the area and loves her new career. We would like to congratulate Hannah on her amazing accomplishments and wish her all the best!

Gage Taylor

Gage began the program at the age of 16, he was referred to the CCMEP program by a school guidance counselor when he was enrolled in high school midway through his sophomore year. Gage had been participating in virtual learning and was having significant issues adjusting to the academic and social pressures of attending high school. Once enrolled in the CCMEP program he began participating in the Work Experience program working 12 hours per week. Gage was assigned to a worksite that offered him both structure and hands on mentoring. He began to flourish in that environment while gaining confidence and life skills. Not only did his work hours provide him with a monetary gain, the hours were also counted toward his Alternative Graduation Plan. Once Gage entered his senior year he began to have difficulty keeping up with his class assignments and was in danger of not having adequate grades to graduate. Through the CCMEP program our office was able to secure private tutoring for Gage through the remainder of the school year. Gage credits this tutoring for his ability to graduate on time, with his fellow classmates. He continues to be very active in the program and is currently working toward gaining his drivers license and future employment goals.

Skyla Chote

Skyla came to the CCMEP Program as a volunteer, at the age of 21, seeking assistance with tuition for the Nursing Assistant Program offered through APIRE. She was employed by Frontier Communications as a Direct Support Professional but was seeking to continue her education in order to increase her income. With the help of CCMEP Skyla was able to enroll into the Nursing Assistant Program and obtain her certificate of completion. Skyla then passed the Nursing Assistant State Test and is now a Certified STNA through her employer, Frontier Communications. Skyla has since received a raise in salary and a promotion to State Tested Nursing Assistant. Skylar states she is very proud of her accomplishments and is enjoying her new profession. She states she is very proud of herself and the progress she has made. Skyla has been excellent to work with and it has been wonderful watching her reach her professional and educational goals.

Ashley Mosley

Ashley came into the CCMEP program as a mandated client with Ohio Department of Job and Family Services at the age of 24. When she enrolled in the program, she was unemployed, pregnant, and living with her parents. Ashley gave birth to her daughter one day after completing her intake paperwork and quickly began her journey with the CCMEP Program. While in the program, staff assisted Ashley with obtaining stable, independent housing as well as essential items necessary to live independently. Once housing was secure Ashley made the decision to enroll in an Adult Training Program. In just four weeks, Ashley completed the Nursing Assistant Program through ASPIRE and was promptly hired by The Pavilion of Piketon Nursing Center. Ashley has since taken, and passed, the Nursing Assistant State Test.  Ashley is no longer receiving cash assistance and is working 40+ hours a week in a profession that is enjoys. Although she is no longer mandated to participate in CCMEP, Ashley continues to be an active participant and credits the program for her continued success.

Brittany Fischer

 The Workforce & Business Development program would like to spotlight Brittney Fischer.  Ms. Fischer enrolled into the Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP) in June of 2017 as one of the first participants in the newly revised program and remains an active participant after graduating from Eastern High School in 2018. Through her multiple worksite placements, Brittney has gained vast on-the-job training in a variety of areas. Her most recent placement with Ace Hardware was so successful she was offered a permanent position with the company.

In addition to her employment with Ace Hardware, Brittney is currently enrolled at Shawnee State University. She is pursuing a degree in Business Management with a concentration on entrepreneurship. Ms. Fischer is excited to move into the SSU dormitory this fall and plans to continue to participate in the CCMEP program.

Shyann Gillenwater

  The Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP) is designed to provide hands-on experience in actual employment settings, as well as individualized case management. Shyann Gillenwater has been participating in the CCMEP program for over a year. In addition to being a full-time E-Tech     student at the Pike County Career and Technology Center, Shyann was also completing 12 to 25 hour per week of paid Work Experience through the CCMEP program. While enrolled in the program , Ms. Gillenwater received assistance with the cost of Driver’s Education classes and obtaining her    license. After completing over 500 work hours with Community Action     Committee of Pike County, Shyann was placed at the Garnett Wilson library where she displayed and strong work ethic and great attention to detail. These traits quickly led to Ms. Gillenwater being hired as a permanent library employee while still attending school. Her goals after graduation include    obtaining a degree in Architectural Engineering. The CCMEP Program is  honored to be able to assist in Shyann’s current and future success.

Kelsey Chapman

The Comprehensive Case Management Employment Program (CCMEP) is designed to help youth ages 14-24 gain valuable work experience that leads to full-time employment. Kelsey Chapman, a 2017 Piketon High School and Pike County CTC graduate, took part in the CCMEP Work Experience Program and was placed at the Pike County Office of Community and Economic Development in Waverly.  Kelsey states that the CCMEP program is amazing, and the staff was willing to assist her when needed. For example, Kelsey informed the staff that she was attending a conference in Columbus for additional training and she was in need of business attire.  The program was able to provide her with a professional look for the training.. Kelsey feels that she benefited from the program as she is now employed full-time at Pike County Office of Community and Economic Development as an Administrative Assistant. Kelsey stated that the emotional support and their encouragement gave her the confidence that she needed to gain this employment opportunity.  She feels that without CCMEP she would not have been offered her current position.  Congratulations, Kelsey!!!

Karina “Amber” Blevins

The Workforce & Business Development program would like to Spotlight Karina “Amber” Blevins. Amber enrolled in May of this year with a goal of obtaining gainful employment. Ms. Blevins is a 2017 graduate of Western High School and a mother of two beautiful children ages 4 and 1yr. After completing the enrollment process Amber was placed at Community Action Transit Systems (CATS) through the CCMEP Work Experience Program where she quickly excelled in her job duties. The dedication to her job duties along with her consistently strong worth ethic led to a permanent, full time job offer with the Community Action Transit System. Amber states that she loves her position as a CATS Dispatcher, as well as her coworkers, and looks forward to continuing to service the community.